The Ideal Climate for Your Cold Storage Needs

Superior RatingWelcome to Nebraska Cold Storage—the Midwest's top provider for the frozen, refrigerated, and perishable food industries. From basic storage and shipping services to total logistics management and mail order frozen fulfillment, Nebraska Cold Storage offers a variety of integrated services to help you:

– Manage inventory and shipment histories.
– Streamline operations, improve productivity, and increase efficiency.
– Meet the demand for your product throughout the business cycle.
– Free up capital for research and development, marketing, production, and more.
– Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with a company you can trust.

New rapid air defrost at Nebraska Cold Storage. Don’t have the time or money to slow-thaw the inventory you need? Rely on our new rapid air defrost to thaw most products in 48 hours with very little purge. This method is fast, safe, and reliable—everything you’ve come to expect from Nebraska Cold Storage.

Discover why Nebraska Cold Storage is a preferred service provider for companies like Tyson Foods, ConAgra, Gibbon Packing Co., Nebraska's Famous Steaks, and Norbest Turkey. Call 1-402-461-4442 or e-mail